About Maxwell

Maxwell Maxwell Amuzu is the name, age 24 and currently working at Ghana Institute Of Management And Public Administration (GIMPA) as the webmaster as well as teaching Linux Administration at CIPD and SOT department GIMPA. I had my first degree in Physics Education at the University of Education Winneba and also went to NIIT where I got my diploma in eTechnology (computer programming). Since my schooling at NIIT, I got acquainted to open source and start using Linux. For the past 10 years now, I have been working on the Linux platform hence got me a job at Global Media Alliance where I was the System Administrator and as well as developed and manage their website and their media outlet (YFM, ETV Ghana, Happy FM, Silverbird and GMA ) I was the Head of IT department whiles working with GMA and I setup the streaming server for both Happy FM and YFM.

I head the IT department of Chale Groups and under my leadership the company  started it community web with web applications like social network, video blogs, photo gallery etc. The company is now into web application development and VoIP solutions. I got the experince with asterisk and trixbox working with Chale Groups.

I started the Linux user group in Winneba with the helped of Kafui a teacher at the ICT lab of the University of Education Winneba, I also helped in organizing workshop for student and teachers at the University. With my IT knowledge I got a vacation job with Pan African Teacher’s Center (PATC) at Togo where I have been going to African countries to teach Information Technology, mostly website designing and how teachers can use open source technologies to enhance education in Africa.

I do also help run a tour group with a sister from California, Shakira Williams for brothers and sisters from the diaspora mostly from USA, our resent group was YLI from America (NC). I also worked with Cultural Links to organised educational tours.

I am currently on the Board Of Directors for Youth Scholars Network (YSN), a non-profit organisation with a vision to help promote education in Africa and the United State, feed the homeless and also take care of domestic animals that are left on the street.

I did my internship teaching Physics and Science Method at the Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong in the Eastern Region of Ghana (School For Training Teachers), where I also act as a class tour and a hall master for Akyenosa (Hall Two). I help the hall with their IT setup as well as website http://www.akyenosa.com the first hall to have their own website in the history of the college.

For my love for mother Ghana, I try to do all my best to help in anyway I could to promote the name of Ghana high. By so doing, I joined the Accra International Film Festival (AIFF) as their IT expect and webmaster. It is my wish to see Ghanaian movies celebrated all over the world and I’m certain this is the beginning of it.

If it come to my fun life, I love music and I do listen to them base on the situation and my mood, I do love movies as well, but I spent most of my time with my PC. Taking the position¬† of Dip Entertainment Chairman of my hall at the University, Ghartey Hall I spent most time trying to help promote showbiz programs and technology shows for the hall. Taking about what I do at school, I came first with the help of Ali, a formal student at the university in the National what-do-you-know computer competition organized by AITI-KACE, 2005 on the nation’s TV.

I currently do freelancing for people who want a website and very soon my site will be back up for anyone who want me to do any website job for them but that does not mean you can’t still call on me if you have any job you want me to do:) .



4 Responses to “About Maxwell”

  1. Michael Annan Says:

    wow this is beautiful. You are really a nice person. I hope the best of pals. I wish you all the best

  2. yomagisty Says:

    Max u r a smart man and I am so happy i met u

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